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Impact Fax Server - Fax Forwarding
To reach the Impact Fax Server Administrator login, open a web browser and type localhost:1172 as a regular website.
Enter the password, and click on the 'Submit' button.
The Fax Server Administration page appears. All general information about the server can be found on this Main page. To configure the Fax forwarding, go to the User Administration > Modify User. Select the User that you wish to forward faxes from. Scroll down the Modify User page to find the Forwarding options.
The user can forward faxes as an Email Attachment, Forward to a Fax Number,
Forward to User(s), and/or Forward to Groups.
Enter the email address to forward faxes to beside Forward to Email Address(es) Select the file format of the delivered attachments from the Attachment File Type dropdown list. To forward faxes to a specified fax number, enter the fax number beside Forward to Fax Number(s). To forward faxes to specified user(s), select the user from the Select Users list, and click on Add button.
When finished, click on the Submit button on the bottom of the page.
If the user information is successfully modified, the following page appears.
Thank you for using Impact Fax Server. Click here to see more tutorials.