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Impact ColorFax - Creating a customized Cover Page
Start the Impact ColorFax from the Start menu. In the Impact ColorFax, go to the Tools > Cover Page > Run Cover Page Editor The Cover Page Editor appears. In the Cover Page Editor, go to the File > Template Editor... The Template Editor appears. Open a template from the file menu. When the Template is opened, go to the File > New and create a new template. With the toolbar, the user can add text, images, annotations or edit boxes. With the Font icon on the toolbar, the user can specify the style of the added text. Add an Edit Box from the toolbar. Double click on the Edit Box, and the properties dialog will pop up, where the user can specify the title and the type of the Edit Box.
If the Destination Name selected, the Impact ColorFax will add the name of the destination from the phone list.
When finished editing, Go to File > Save, and save the Template. Go back to the Impact ColorFax, and click on Fax > Send Cover Page... In the Send Cover Page windows, select the destination from the Phone Book, and click on the Send button. Open the created Cover Page. The destination name is on the sent Cover Page.
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