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Date Released Newsletter Topics Download PDF
2006 December -Introduction to all Resource Toolkit Samples -Changing Printer Driver settings (DEVMODE) Between Print Jobs -Printer Driver Tips and Tricks - How to Capture Messages From Multiple Installed Printers an One Application PDF
2006 November -XML Format added to Printer Driver -Changing a Stamp Object in the Coverpage SDK Programmatically -Document Imaging - Printing from C#, J#, VB.NET PDF
2006 October -Document Imaging SDK - Thumbnail Control -Printer Drivers - Watermark -How to Wait for DTMF Digits Using the Voice ActiveX Control in C# -Printer Driver Tips and Tricks: MSI Install for Black Ice Printer Driver PDF
2006 September -Custom Pop-Up Manu in Annotation SDK -How to Create a CAB file for Use with Document Imaging -Tips and Tricks About Printer Driver Messages PDF
2006 August -New Watermark Feature in the Printer Drivers -New Bracode Binary Samples -New Fax/Voice C++ Samples -New Brookthrout Feature in Voice C++ -Zooming Techniques in the Document Imaging SDK PDF
2006 July -Printer Driver Sharing Utility -Using ePrintAnywhere to map Black Ice Printer Drivers onto Terminal Servers -PDF Toolkit-Save Image to PDF in C# PDF
2006 June -Low Level Interface of thumnail Control -New Samples in the CoverPage SDK -New Samples in the PDF SDK/ActiveX Plug-in -Printer Driver Tips: Auto-Print module of the Resource Tool Kit PDF
2006 May -Inside This Issue -New Thumbnail Control in the Imaging Toolkit -New File Name Generation Method for the Printer Driver -New Fax C++ Brookthrout Install Coming -Imaging Tips and Tricks: Thumbnail Control C++ Sample Code PDF
2006 April -Median Filter Now in Barcode SDK -Black Ice Software Announces Print2FTP for the Printer Drivers! -Printer Driver Tips and Tricks - Maintaining the Same Input and Output Filename PDF
2006 March -Demo RTK - Dramatically Reduce Your Printer Driver Evalution -Printer Driver VB.NET Install Sample -Barcode SDK - New Interface Methods in the OCX -Fax C++ - New Fax Object Sample -Barcode Sample - ASP.NET 2005 PDF
2006 February -New E-mail Add-on for the Black Ice Printer Drivers -New Language Support Added to the RTK -New Fax C++ Version 12.10 is Reeased -Replace User Settings -Use Document name for Image Name -Tips and Tricks - How to Programaticall set Application Path and name in the "Start Application" Feature PDF
2006 January -New Language Support Added to the RTK -New Tiff Formt Added for Printer Drivers to Support Cisco Routers! -Black Ice Printer Driver - Restrict Print Job -Add Custom Plug-In to the Black Ice Printer Drivers -Imaging Tips and Tricks - Programatically Zooming PDF