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Date Released Newsletter Topics Download PDF
2003 December -HTML Printer Drivers -Printer Driver Add-on: Batch Converter -Print Preview/Image Composer for Document Imaging SDK -GIF Printer Driver -V.34 Support for Fax Modems is Here! PDF
2003 November -Simplify the Printer Drivers`s user interface Part II -Color Space Support, image manipulation and dithering methods in the Document Imaging SDK -Advanced Printing Features available only in the Document Imaging SDK -Printing from C code PDF
2003 October -Simplify the Printer Drivers`s user interface -Printer Driver Installation tips -Document Imaging Effect and Filter Functions PDF
2003 September -Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX is here! -Black Ice Printer Drivers - New exciting additions! PDF
2003 August -Add user specific annotations to every printed document! -Creating an "Email to Fax" service using technology from Black Ice Software -Black Ice Printer Drivers for terminal Server Environment -New Image processing product line from Black Ice Software PDF
2003 July -Smaller footprint for the PDF files -Client side HTML based document imaging with Black Ice products -Printer drivers with PNG and Hardware Specific TIFF Format -New printer driver features! PDF
2003 June -Windows 2003 Server Supported by the Printer Drivers -TIFF SDK Automatic Punch Hole Removal Available! -Image SDk for Document Imaging -Black Ice Printer Drivers optimized for faster printing! -TWAIN 1.9 and batch scanning support in the TIFF SDK PDF
2003 May -Color PDF file format is now available! -ASp based enterprise level document imaging with Black Ice printer drivers and development tools -The PDF Plug-In for the TIFF SDK PDF
2003 April -The Best Printer Driver just got better! -Printer Sharing for the Black Ice printers -Printer Drivers installation tips & tricks -Install utility for the Brooktrout TR114/TR1000 boards -Deskew for the TIFF SDK PDF
2003 March -Black Ice Software has released Impact ColorFax version 5.0! -New features of Impact ColorFax 5.0! -Delphi samples for the Printer Driver Resource ToolKit PDF
2003 February -Black Ice Software has released the Print2Email version 3.0! -Print Metering Server PDF
2003 January -Drag and Drop Printing utility -New Features and improvements for the Printer Drivers -PDF Plug-in for the TIFF SDK PDF