Introduction to Tiff SDK

TIFF SDK Programmer Reference Guide


The TIFF SDK/ActiveX is built upon Black Ice technology used by customers for many years, but also includes many new features that have been developed exclusively for the TIFF SDK/ActiveX product. With the TIFF SDK a developer can write applications to Read, Write, Print, Encode and decode TIFF, CALS, CCITT, IBM's MMR IOCA and user defined images without ever having to learn the complexity of Tag Image File Format.

TIFF SDK SDK/ActiveX is a software development tool that helps application developers and programmers to create applications with sophisticated image processing capabilities. The SDK works on every Windows operating system from Windows Server 2012 R2 to Windows XP and because it includes both C/C++ libraries and ActiveX controls, the functionality of the product can be accessed from most programming languages like C, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, MS FoxPro, and MS Access. TIFF SDK/ActiveX is also .NET compatible meaning that VB.NET and C# programmers can also take full advantage of the product.

Structurally, TIFF SDK/ActiveX consists of a set of DLLs and ActiveX controls. Each DLL and ActiveX control implements a specific, well-defined feature set, which is designed to help developers to pinpoint specific functionality.

This manual is designed to enable you, the application developer, to effectively use the functions contained in the TIFF SDK. Note: It is assumed that the reader is fully conversant in a high level programming language like C++ and is knowledgeable about the procedures necessary to incorporate functions found in the TIFF SDK/ActiveX libraries into their application(s).