Using the PDF Printer Driver
Configuring the PDF Printer Driver Printing Preferences
    Device Settings Tab
       Paper Size
       Edit / Add Custom Paper Sizes
       Create a Faxable Image
       Force FAX Resolution
          What is Fax Paper Size?
          How is Page Size Computed and Image Size Translated into Pixels?
          Handling non-conventional Fax Paper Sizes
       Specifying Page Orientation
       Rotate Clockwise
       Rotate a Landscape Image to Portrait
       Specifying Graphic Resolution
       Horizontal Resolution
       Vertical Resolution
       Force Printer Resolution
       Generated Image Size
       Restore defaults
       Pages Per Sheet (N-Up) Printing
    File Formats Tab
    Filename Generation tab
    Start Application Tab
    Watermark Tab
    Annotation-Header-Footer Tab
    Text Output Tab
    Bates Numbering Tab
    Profile Manager Tab
    Redirect Printing Tab
    OCR Tab
PDF Printer Driver Configuration
Frequently Used Configurations
Document Converter Configuration Manager
The API - Resource Toolkit (RTK)
Black Ice Printer Manager
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
Technical Support