Using the PDF Printer Driver
Configuring the PDF Printer Driver Printing Preferences
    Device Settings Tab
    File Formats Tab
    Filename Generation tab
       Save As Dialog
          Redirect Printing on Save As Dialog
          Send a Printed Document in an Email on Save As Dialog
          Upload to SharePoint
          Printing Watermark on Save As Dialog
       Filename Generation Method
       Combine/Merge multiple documents into a single file
       Output Directory
       Upload to FTP
       Upload to Web (HTTP and HTTPS Uploading)
       Group File Description
       Enable Debug Logging
       Restore defaults
    Start Application Tab
    Watermark Tab
    Annotation-Header-Footer Tab
    Text Output Tab
    Bates Numbering Tab
    Profile Manager Tab
    Redirect Printing Tab
    OCR Tab
PDF Printer Driver Configuration
Frequently Used Configurations
Document Converter Configuration Manager
The API - Resource Toolkit (RTK)
Black Ice Printer Manager
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
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