Add Bates Numbering as Custom Filename


Users can configure the Black Ice Printer Drivers to use the Bates Numbering as file name.

In order to add bates numbering as custom filename, users need to follow some simple step to configure the printer driver:

Go to Start > Control Panel > Devices Printers > right click on the Black Ice Printer Driver > Printing Preferences > Bates Numbering tab.

Check the Enable Bates Numbering option. Additional settings can be done in the Bates Number Format section. The Preview Bates Numbering section shows how the bates numbering with the current settings will look like.


Go to the Filename Generation tab and disable (uncheck) the Enable Save As Option.

Set the Black Ice Printer Driver Filename Generation Method to Custom file naming

Click on the Configure…  button.



Both Optional Fields can be set to display Bates Number. The Preview section shows, how the custom file name with the current settings will look like.

Once satisfied with the settings, press OK.

The printed documents’ names and the output folder depend on the configuration used during printing.