This section provides a series of sample source code and documentation which provides detailed examples of how to perform image processing and image specific functionality using the Black Ice Imaging Toolkits.  Sample code is provided in C++, VB, and C#, allowing developers to use their language of choice or convert the samples to other popular programming languages, such as VB .NET and J#!


Loading Images

Saving Images

Display Images


Manipulating Multipage Images


Internet Imaging

Image Processing

Obtaining Information About Image Files

Accessing Pixels of the Image

Checking the Black Ice Imaging Toolkit Version

Scanning Using Black Ice Imaging Toolkits'


Please Note:  All of the functionality referenced in this documentation is available in the Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX, however not every feature is available in the TIFF or Image SDK/ActiveX.  For example, the filtering and effects are not available in either the Image or TIFF SDK/ActiveX.  For details on each specific product, please use the links below:


Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX

Image SDK/ActiveX