Scanning support is now based on the latest TWAIN 1.9 drivers. With the latest TWAIN drivers, application developers have total control over almost every aspect of the scanning process. Parameters that affect the way that documents are being scanned can be retrieved and changed. Applications can set the brightness and contrast of the scanned documents, can specify the area of the document that should be scanned and they even have control over the resolution and the color depth of the scanned image.

Using the latest TWAIN 1.9 drivers, applications can even turn on and off the use of the document feeder that some newer scanners have.

One of the most important scanning features is the capability to perform automated scanning. Automated scanning means that applications can do the scanning automatically without any user interaction. The parameters of the scanner can be retrieved and changed programmatically by an application.

If necessary, applications can also display their own window to let the user change the scanner’s settings or they can display either the Black Ice Scanner Interface dialog from the BiDlgs32.dll or the scanning window from the scanner’s driver.

Another important feature is the batch scanning capability. Many of today’s modern scanners are equipped with a document feeder and through the document feeder it is possible to scan in hundreds of documents in one single session. The user inserts the documents into the document feeder, starts the scanning process and the scanner will scan the documents one after another.

Black Ice imaging and image processing tools make batch scanning easy. The user simply specifies how many documents he/she wants to scan in, load the documents into the document feeder of the scanner and application will do the rest. The scanned documents will be saved into several single-page or one multi-page TIFF file.

And this is not all. When batch scanning is combined with other powerful Black Ice Image features like de-skew, black border removal or punch hole removal, the result will be a totally automated document processing system