Black ice imaging and image processing tools provide an easy way to print images in single or multiple print jobs with a wide variety of options.

When printing, today’s applications not only want to create a paper copy of an image file but also want to specify the way in which the image will be printed. The image has to be positioned on the paper according to a predefined location, printed with its original size or stretched to a specific size. Some applications even require printing more than one image on the same page so the amount of paper wasted would be minimal.

Black Ice tools provide the answer for all the above requirements:

In addition to the printing capabilities of the Black Ice imaging tools, Black Ice Software also offers a wide range of generic printer drivers, which can generate an exact document image from any printable document.   Black Ice printer drivers offer greater flexibility in existing applications that support printing and in the use of physical printers, and it even comes with a free SDK with over 300 functions.