Image SDK comes with an easy-to-use installation program.

The Imaging tools SDK softwares demo and release versions are not compatible with each other.
Please make sure, the Demo version is uninstalled before installing a Full Release version.

Note: Please make sure the installer is Run as administrator.

  1. Download the Image SDK Installer from the Black Ice Store.

  2. Manually start the downloaded installer.

    1. Demo Version

      ImageSDKDemo32.exe         - For installing 32 bit Demo version.

      ImageSDKDemo64.exe    - For installing 64 bit Demo version.

    2. Release Version        - For installing 32 bit Release version.  - For installing 64 bit Release version.

    Open the desired zip file and execute the SETUP by double clicking on it.

    The zip file is password protected. Use the given password of your Release package.

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the software on the desired computer. The following screen will appear.

    Click next to proceed.

  4. The next screen contains the Black Ice License Agreement. After reading this license agreement, if you agree, please select the “I accept the terms of the license agreement” to continue.

  5. The default destination location is Program files\Black Ice Software LLC\ <<Imaging Tools Edition>>. On the following screen the Program folder can be selected.

    Click next to continue.

    In order to build the samples by running the Visual studio without Administrative privilege, please select a new installation folder different from “Program files” folder on Windows Vista and Windows 7. E.g.: “X:\Black Ice Image SDK\”

  6. The following window allows you to specify the name of the Program Folder that the software will be listed under. Type in a new folder name if desired.

    Press Next to continue.

  7. Setup will now copy the program files to your computer.

  8. If the installer prompts you to restart, please restart your computer before using the Software, to ensure the system environment variable path is modified and ready to work with.

    Click Finish to complete the installation

  9. Thank You for installing Black Ice Image SDK.

You are now ready to create world-class imaging applications using Black Ice Imaging Tools Image SDK.