Fax Image Processing

One very important area where image processing is commonly used is faxing. During faxing image files are being transferred from one device to another. The format, the size and the resolution of the image file that can be transferred is specified by the fax standard and by the device (i.e. fax board) that will transmit the file.


Black Ice imaging tools are capable creating files that are ready to be faxed with a wide variety of different fax hardware. Faxable images can be easily created for fax boards like Brooktrout, Dialogic, GammaLink, NMS, etc.

Black Ice tools can not only create images with the right compression, size, resolution but also can handle tasks like:

Black Ice tools can also create images that can be faxed in color by using the latest the new color fax technology supported by many of today’s fax machines. This feature is available only from Black Ice software and is licensed by several color fax machine manufacturers.