Black Ice License/Protection files

There are two protection files required when using the Black Ice development tools:


Developers do not have to do anything with the protection files in the samples/applications they develop, they don't have to call any protection function, or link anything. The only thing that must be done is when distributing your application, you must include the License(64).DLL and the key file(s) along with the Black Ice DLL/ActiveX controls.  The License(64).DLL   and key file(s) can be anywhere in the PATH, or better yet in the same directory as the other Black Ice DLLs. The key file MUST be in the same directory as the License(64).DLL.

If your application uses more than one of the Black Ice development tools, then the developed application must distribute more than 1 key file.  All of the required key files must be included along with the developed application.