Installing FAX C++
Using Fax C++
Programming FAX C++
FAXCPP Global Data Types
FAXCPP Classes and Functions
    Driver Initialization
    Close Driver
    COM Port Handler Functions
    Sending and Receiving Faxes
    Queue Functions
    Miscellaneous Functions
    Fax Header Functions
    Fax Object Save And Load Functions
    Brooktrout Functions
    GammaLink Functions
    Dialogic Functions
    Natural Microsystems Functions
    TCFaxNormal class
    TCQueue class
    TCQueueItem class
    C Queue Functions
    BFT Send and Receive Functions
       TEBftAction enum
       TEScanLine enum
       TEFaxError enum
       TSFaxTime struct
       TCBinaryParam enum
    TCBinaryParam class
    G5 Messaging
Email To Fax, Fax To Email Add-on
Sample Applications
Error Codes
Termination Status Codes
Fax messages