Thickening (binary)

#include "BIFILTER.H"


HANDLE CALLBACK BinaryThickening(               HDIB            hDIB,
BOOL    BackGrndisBlack,
int           iShowProgress,
HWND  hParent)


This function will morphologically thicken the binary image. The function works for only 1 bit per pixel images. The binary thickening operation is used to reduce the geometric size of an object. Usually this operation is used iteratively until the desired image is obtained or until no further changes occur in the thickened image. The binary thickening operation is defined as :

BinaryThickening(A) = [BinaryThinning(AC)]C


Description: kepdoksiba1                                   Description: izethicked

The original 280x 180 pixel object and the thickened image of the object processed by the thickening operation 4 times iteratively.




Handle of the DIB to filter.



This parameter specifies the color of the object and background.



This parameter specifies the displaying of the progressbar and the preview dialog.

Available values:

DISPLAY_NONE (0)      -     The progressbar and the preview dialog will not display before filtering.

DISPLAY_PROGRESS (1) -The progressbar will display during filtering procedure.

DISPLAY_DIALOG (2) -     The preview dialog will display before filtering. This dialog shows the part of the image before and after filtering.

DISPLAY_BOTH (3)      -     The progressbar and the preview dialog will display.

IMPORTANT: The preview dialog will only display, if there is BiDlgs.dll installed.



Handler of the parent window.

Return values

The handle of the new filtered DIB or NULL if an error occurred.

Programming notes

The function will not free the input DIB.


Header :    Declared in BIFilter.h; include BIFilter.h.

Library :    Use BIFilter.lib.

DLLs :       BIFilter.dll, BiDlgs.dll.