HistDIBGen  Method

Description         This method makes the histogram of the source device independent bitmap and displays the created histogram in the window specified by hHisChild. It works with 1, 4, 8 or 24 bits/pixel. In case of 24 bits/pixel, only one channel is used from the existing R, G, B channels. The ‘Select’ parameter specifies the required channel.

Syntax                 lRet = [BIFilter.]HistDIBGen  Dib hWnd Select

Remarks             lRet                         LONGLONG Handle of the newly created DIB on success or 0 on failure.

                            Dib                          LONGLONG Source DIB.

                            hWnd                     LONGLONG Child window for histogram.

                            Select                      short                Plane selector in case of 24 bits/pixel.
R/G/B corresponds 1/2/3 values.

Not used in case of 1,4,8 bits/pixel.

The width of hHisChild window must be large enough to show the histogram. This means that in case of 8 bits/pixel the width of the client area of the window must be at least 256 pixels.

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