HistDIBCreate  Method

Description         Computes the histogram of the input image. Returns TRUE on success or FALSE if failed. The pointer input parameters will contain the histogram data.

Syntax                 bRet = [BIFilter.]HistDIBCreate   Dim hDib Colors LowData HighData

Remarks             bRet                        BOOL             TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.

                            hDib                       LONGLONG Source DIB.

                            Dim                         short*              Color dimensions. 3 for 24 bit/pixel images, and 1 for others.

                            Colors                     short*              Number of Colors. 2, 16 or 256.

                            LowData                Long*              Low Data.

                            HighData               Long*              High Data.

                            HistData                 Long*              Histogram Data.

Returns               bRetl                       BOOL             TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.

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