FilterAutoContrast  Method

Description         This function will linearly stretch the histogram automatically to reach an optimum hystogram distribution. If a nonlinear correction is needed use gamma correction function. This function works for only 8 bit per pixel and 24 bit per pixel images.


Description: macskaauto                                          Description: macskaauto

The original 180 x 210 pixel image and the auto contrasted image.

Syntax                 RetVal = [BiFilter.]FilterAutoContrast  hDib iShowProgress hWnd

Returns               RetVal                    LONGLONG The handle of new filtered DIB, 0 if an error occurred, or -1 if the BIFilter.dll does not installed.

Remarks             hDib                       LONGLONG Handle of the image to filter.

                            iShowProgress       short                This parameter specifies the displaying of the progressbar and the preview dialog.

Available values:

DISPLAY_NONE (0) - The progressbar and the preview dialog will not display before filtering.

DISPLAY_PROGRESS (1) - The progressbar will display during filtering procedure.

DISPLAY_DIALOG (2) - The preview dialog will display before filtering. This dialog shows the part of the image before and after filtering.

DISPLAY_BOTH (3) - The progressbar and the preview dialog will display.

IMPORTANT: The preview dialog will only display, if there is BIDlgs32.dll installed.

                            hWnd                     LONGLONG Handler of the parent window.

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