BinaryOutlining  Method

Description         Binary outlining of an object is the process of changing all of an object’s pixels to the background graylevel value except those pixels that lie on the object’s contour. The function works for only 1 bit per pixel images. Binary outlining is defined as the eroded image substracted from the original image (inner contour) or the original image substracted from the dilated image (outer contour).


Description: kepdoksiba11              Description: kepdoksiba12

Syntax                 RetVal = [BiFilter.]BinaryOutlining hDib Mask Mheight Mwidth MPx MPy OuterCont BackGrndisBlack iShowProgress hWnd

Returns               RetVal                    LONGLONG The handle of new filtered DIB, 0 if an error occurred, or -1 if the BIFilter.dll does not installed.

Remarks             hDib                       LONGLONG Handle of the image to filter.

                            Mask                      short*              This parameter specifies the structuring function used by the filtering.

                            Mheight                  short                Height of structuring matrix.

                            Mwidth                  short                Width of structuring matrix.

                            MPx                        short                X coordinate of structuring matrix origin.

                            MPy                        short                Y coordinate of structuring matrix origin.

                            OuterCont             BOOL             This parameter specifies the required contour type.

                            BackGrndisBlack BOOL             Specifies the color of BackGround.

                            iShowProgress       short                This parameter specifies the displaying of the progressbar and the preview dialog.

Available values:

DISPLAY_NONE (0) - The progressbar and the preview dialog will not display before filtering.

DISPLAY_PROGRESS (1) - The progressbar will display during filtering procedure.

DISPLAY_DIALOG (2) - The preview dialog will display before filtering. This dialog shows the part of the image before and after filtering.

DISPLAY_BOTH (3) - The progressbar and the preview dialog will display.

IMPORTANT: The preview dialog will only display, if there is BIDlgs32.dll installed.

                            hWnd                     LONGLONG Handler of the parent window.

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