Introduction and Overview

Introduction and Overview


Black Ice Tiff Viewer Server

For Windows Server 2016/2012 R2/2008 R2/2008/2003 (32 and 64bit)& Citrix


The Tiff Viewer and Browser Plug-In allows browsers to view any TIFF image on the Internet or to open and view TIFF, JPEG, and a variety of additional image format files on the local computer.  Images can be manipulated, split, printed and processed in a variety of ways using the many features provided in the Tiff Viewer. The Tiff Viewer can upload images and TIFF document files to SharePoint. You can easily add files to a SharePoint server for collaboration, central storage, and tracking file change within an organization. The SharePoint feature can be accessed by using either the Tiff Viewer or the Tiff Viewer Browser Plug-in.


Some of the key features of the Tiff Viewer and Browser Plug-In include:


·         MSI Installer for Tiff Viewer is available

·         16-bit image decoding

·         Annotations, such as Text, Comment, Note, Highlight, built in Rubber Stamps, configurable Timestamp, and Personalized Stamp

·         Anti-aliased display

·         Append to TIFF

·         Aspect ratio correction

·         Clean Image feature can be used to completely clean a fax (image) received with the well-known communication “noise”

·         CMYK encoding & decoding

·         Color reduction

·         Color to black and white conversion

·         Compression supported – CCITT Group 3 1D EOL, CCITT Group 3 1D NO EOL, CCITT Group 3 2D, Group 4, JPEG,  CMYK, LZW, and Packbit

·         Conversion and saving to a variety of formats

·         Create thumbnails

·         Decode CCITT image from an offset location

·         Deskew and despeckle

·         Digitize ASCII or Unicode Text files

·         Display, high-speed

·         Flip image

·         Form Overlay with ASCII or Unicode text

·         Fully Multi-threaded, thread-safe

·         GammaLink, Dialogic, Natural MicroSystem fax format-specific functions

·         Image loading and viewing, multiple formats supported

·         Image processing

·         Magnifying Glass

·         Merge two multi-page TIFF files into one TIFF file with a single function call

·         Multiple image display

·         OCR scanned documents into searchable/editable text file

·         Plug-in is Internet Explorer compatible

·         Printing – print multi-page TIFF files as a single print job

·         Resizing images

·         Rotation, 90º increments

·         Save a Monochrome image in JPEG format

·         Save a TIFF file in Image PDF

·         Scale to gray conversion and saving

·         Scrolling

·         Split a multi-page TIFF File with a single function call at image location

·         Thumbnail creation

·         Tag editor in the TIFF Viewer

·         TIFF Tag analyzer- display individual tags

·         Twain scanning

·         Zoom in and out of image by the factor of fraction or integer

·         SharePoint Support