Print2RDP Server & Client

User’s Guide



As any terminal server or Citrix system administrator knows, installing, configuring, and maintaining printer drivers on their system for all their clients’ printers can be time consuming.  Any time a new user is added to the system or an existing user changes their local printer, it is the system administrator’s responsibility to add their printer to the system and to ensure that the appropriate driver is installed.


With the release of Print2RDP, system administrators no longer have to worry about mounting and maintaining client printer drivers or configurations. Print2RDP builds upon Black Ice Software’s industry-leading printer driver technology, which has been on the market for over 10 years and has been deployed to hundreds of thousands of systems worldwide. Print2RDP removes and eliminates the need for system administrators to bog themselves down attempting to support their terminal server user’s printing needs.


Print2RDP dynamically configures itself to present the user with a seamless printing solution allowing them to print any file from a terminal server environment directly to their local or network PC. Print2RDP is compatible with any available windows printer driver, including USB printers, network printers and even virtual printer drivers used in fax and document imaging applications.