Editing the Phone Book


1.    Select Tools from the main menu bar and then Phone Book.

2.    Click on Edit to create a new phone book or edit the existing one.

3.    The Phone Book window will appear, containing two sections.



a)    Groups

This contains groups of people/companies.  You can use groups to organize your fax numbers.   Groups are also important if you plan on fax broadcasting.  When you start a fax broadcast, you are prompted to specify the group of recipients for the broadcast.

b)   Items

This contains individual people/companies you intend to send faxes to.  The company name, individual name and fax number are displayed in the box.



Adding a new group

To add a new group to your phone book, click on the New button in the group section of the Phone Book window. This will bring up the Create Group window.



Enter a name for your new group, then click on OK. The next step is to create entries in your group. To do this, first follow the instructions on adding items to the phone book below.


Please Note: If you plan to fax broadcast, you have to create at least one group.


Adding a new person

To add a new person to the phone book, click on the New button in the Items side of your Phone Book window. This will bring up the Add New Person dialog box. Enter the name, company and fax number in the fields and click OK. If you are in Show a group mode, the new person will be added to the list and selected group automatically.



Editing an entry

To edit an existing entry, select the desired entry and then click on the edit button to modify the information.  Press OK to save any changes that you made


Adding entries to a group

To add entries to a group, first select a group by clicking on it and then select the entries you wish to add from the Items list. Multiple entries can be selected using the shift or control key when you click on the mouse. When all of the desired entries have been selected, click on the Add button to add them to the selected group.


Removing entries from a group

Select the group, and then select the entries to be removed. Click on the Remove button.


Viewing all entries in the Phone Book

Click on the Show all button.


Searching for an entry in the Phone Book

You can only do a search based on company name or individual name.  You cannot search based on the fax number.  Click on the Search button and type the first 3-4 letters of the word search. All matching entries that begin with these letters will be highlighted.

The search will be performed using the list that is currently displayed (Persons or Companies and Show all or Show a group). For example, if you are in Show a group mode it will search only in that group list.