Setup and Open a Fax Modem COM Port


To Setup an open a fax modem for use by the Impact Fax Broadcast, you must perform the following steps:


1.    In the Fax menu, choose Open… COM port



2.    The Open COM Ports window will open. 



3.    The first step is to determine what port/ports you have modems installed on.  Impact Fax Broadcast will list all of the free COM Ports on your system regardless of whether there is a modem attached to the port or not.  Please note: If another application is using the port, an internet dialup connection for example, it will not be listed and cannot be used for broadcasting.  Highlight the port you want to test and press the “Test Modem” button.  If there is no modem detected, you will see “No Modem on COM X” in the Modem test box.  This means that you cannot use this port for faxing.  Select the next COM port to test and press the “Test Modem” button.  If a modem is detected, you will see information regarding the type of modem that is installed on your system.   Please see below:



4.    Next, select the type of the modem from the Fax Modem Settings list box. If you are unsure or your setting doesn’t work, select Generic CLASS 1 (Software Flow Control).

5.    You can modify the settings of the selected type of modem. Specify the Reset String and the Setup String of your modem. The correct values can be found in the documentation of the modem. This is an advanced setting, if you are unsure do not change anything.

6.    Select the Speaker Mode and the Speaker Volume of the modem. The Until Connected setting means that you will only hear the modem until the connection is made.

7.    Specify the maximum number of Com Ports in the Maximum Port Number field. This setting is for faster port opening. The lower the value, the faster the port will open. If you are using a Fax board channel, enter 0 in this field.  When opening COM ports, if you are using more then 8 COM ports (the default maximum COM port number) then you must adjust the maximum port number box. When adjusting this box you must set the maximum number to the highest number of a COM port you want to use. For instance, if you are using 10 COM Ports on your machine, a mouse occupies COM port 1, and COM port 2 is occupied by a modem not used for faxing, and you want to use COM ports 3 through 10 for faxing. To do this you would set the maximum port number to 10.

8.    Check the Create Header check box if you would like a header at the top of every fax page.

9.    Check the Pulse Dial check box if you have a pulse mode telephone line.

10. Click on OK. The settings are activated immediately.  You can verify that the ports are open by selecting the “Fax” menu item and “Open” ? “COM Port”.  You can see what ports are open in the dialog box.  Please see below:


Modems and Impact Fax Broadcast

If you plan to do any faxing with Impact Fax Broadcast, the first step is to install and configure some compatible fax hardware, such as a fax modem.  The modem that you use MUST be fax capable, and it must be properly configured and installed in your computer in order for Impact Fax Broadcast to recognize it.  The fax modem must also be connected to a standard phone line in order to send and receive faxes.  Review the How do I verify that my modem is installed correctly chapter for more details.  


PLEASE NOTE:  DSL and cable modems cannot be used to send faxes. 


We strongly suggest you avoid using “winmodems” or “softmodems”.  These are PCI modems that do not include a chipset.  They rely entirely on the modem driver “software” and were not designed for business use.  


Modem Technical Support


Black Ice Software cannot provide support for installation and/or configuration of fax modems beyond what is provided within this manual and the resources posted on the Black Ice website at:  For assistance with fax modem installation and configuration, please contact either the hardware manufacturer or distributor for that particular modem.


PLEASE NOTE:  DSL and cable modems cannot be used to send faxes by any fax application, including Impact Fax Broadcast.