Impact Fax Broadcast


Impact Fax Broadcast is a specialized software application designed for reliable high volume fax broadcasting.  Based on Black Ice Software's award winning open architecture, Impact Fax Broadcast is fully scaleable from a single port/line up to 384 ports/lines; and is not tied to a specific fax hardware manufacturer. Impact Fax Broadcast is recommended for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises that regularly use fax broadcasting for their administrative and marketing projects. It is a cost-effective, scaleable and reliable software solution.


Send Color or black & white faxes...or both!

Impact Fax Broadcast can send color or black & white faxes to any number of fax numbers.  When sending a color fax, Impact Fax Broadcast can automatically detect the receiving end's fax capabilities and if the recipient cannot receive a color fax Impact Fax Broadcast will automatically convert the color file into black & white to send to the recipient.


Supports a wide variety of Fax Hardware

Impact Fax Broadcast supports a wide variety of fax hardware, from off of the shelf fax modems to high end intelligent fax boards.  For a complete list of supported fax hardware and vendors, please refer to the Supported Fax Hardware list.


Personalize your faxes with custom fax headers and cover pages

Impact Fax Broadcast allows you to customize your fax messages to match the needs of your recipients. Personalize sender names, recipient names, images/logos, entire cover pages, customized fax headers and more -- an huge set of fields means it's as personalized as you need it to be.

Fax Broadcast management


View the status of your fax broadcasts while it runs! 

Start, pause, view and delete your broadcast jobs with the click of a mouse.


Statistical Fax Broadcast reporting

Track your fax broadcasting activity through intelligent logging, including the status of successful, unsuccessful, pending and in-progress faxes.


'Do Not Fax' lists

If a recipient of one of your faxes ever asks to be excluded from your future broadcasts, simply place their fax number in your Remove list. Any future fax broadcast can be filtered against your remove list to ensure that the Impact Fax Broadcast will skip delivery to that particular fax number.


Track your undeliverable faxes

Once the Impact Fax Broadcast has finished, you can then manage all of your undeliverable fax numbers so you can keep your fax lists up to date and ready for your next fax broadcast.

Impact Fax Broadcast's key features include:

·         Convert any printable file into a faxable format

·         33.6K (V.34) Faxing support

·         Time & date activated broadcasting

·         Color Fax Broadcasting

·         'Do Not Call' Lists

·         Schedule multiple fax lists in a single broadcast

·         Schedule multiple fax lists for broadcast with different start times

·         Customizable Fax Header for every fax

·         Customized cover page for every fax

·         Phonebook, export/import data, search phonebook option

·         Transmission Error reports

·         Intelligent retries

·         Add Annotations to any file

·         Port Scheduling to automatically open and close ports at specified times

·         Simple Installation

·         Real time port statistic, especially useful when using more than 1 fax line

·         Auto open and close ports

·         Close and open ports during fax broadcast

·         Billing. Log file generation with timing information for Billing

·         E-mail activated fax broadcasting

·         Check for a dial tone when opening port/channel

·         Open and convert any Microsoft Office or PDF file directly from the Impact Fax Broadcast application

·         “Dial before every outgoing fax” feature to dial strings such as “9,” or *67 before every outgoing fax

·         Intelligent long distance dialing/local area code detection

·         Automatically dial a ‘1’ before every long distance fax number

·         Use a calling card for all outgoing faxes

·         Test Phone Book and Automatic Bad Number Removal